Enter the number on your tag and watch the video of “your fisherman” in action. If you buy cooked lobsters without a tag on a claw, ask your merchant for its tag to find the origin of your lobster.

Gaspé lobster, 100 % traceable since 2012!

The RPPSG has identified two ways of promoting the lobster caught in the Gaspé to consumers: traceability which allows them to recognize the Gaspé origin of their lobster, and eco-certification which reassures them about the sustainable exploitation of this crustacean.

By identifying the lobsters they fish with a traceability tag affixed directly in the boat, the RPPSG’s fishermen want to get closer to consumers and remind them that the lobster caught in the Gaspé is a product harvested in an artisanal way and respectful of the environment. It also reassures distributors, food chains and restaurants that increasingly demand that the products they offer are traceable and from sustainable fisheries.

A lobster of exceptional quality!

Lobster caught in the Gaspé has an excellent reputation for the exquisite quality of its meat and its superior quality. Caught on rocky bottoms in the cold and clear waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Gaspé lobster moults only once a year at the end of summer, which means that at the time of this spring fishing, it’s shell is hard and full of white, firm, tender and tasty flesh, which is a joy for gourmets.

Consumers have adopted it for this quality, but also because they care about where it comes from and how it was caught. The tag of each lobster guarantees this quality by giving the assurance that it was indeed caught in the Gaspé, it is a guarantee of quality!

A MSC certified lobster!

Traceability was also an essential element of the eco-certification process undertaken by Gaspé fishermen and, in 2015, the lobster fishery in the Gaspé obtained eco-certification from the Marine Stewardship Council MSC (MSC), eco-certification that was renewed in 2021. This recognition demonstrates that the lobster fishery in the Gaspé meets the three main principles of sustainable fishing:

1) Preserve the sustainability of stocks;

2) Minimize environmental impacts,

3) Guarantee a management respecting all the rules.

Its traceability and MSC eco-certification make lobster caught in the Gaspé Peninsula a unique product that everyone would like to taste!

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