About us

The Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels de homard du sud de la Gaspésie, or RPPSG, is a non-profit organization that defends, protects and develops the economic, social and professional interests of coastal fishermen in the South of the Gaspé, as well as the resources on which they rely, especially the American lobster. Thanks to numerous measures taken by the RPPSG, fishermen in the Gaspé are considered to be among the most dynamic in the industry.

Fisherman from generation to generation

Since 1875, the lobster fishery has been a powerful economic engine for communities in the south of the Gaspé Peninsula. This way of life is still perpetuated today by the transmission of knowledge and know-how, from generation to generation. The RPPSG lobster traceability initiative not only promotes the taste quality of the flesh of this local crustacean, but also the continuous efforts of fishermen from the Gaspé to ensure the sustainability of the species and of its exploitation for the coming years.

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