• All lobsters caught in the Gaspé wear a traceability tag. Enter the alphanumeric code to trace its origin and learn more about your captain, even see him at work!


The unique traceability of Gaspé lobster

Since 2012, all the lobsters caught in the Gaspé are identified by a traceability tag that allows to trace the origin of the crustacean. The tag allows consumers to trace the exact origin of the crustacean and, therefore, to have the assurance that they buy a product of superior quality, caught in the Gaspé Peninsula in the greatest respect for the environment. By entering the alphanumeric code appearing on the blue tag, the consumer can view a video of the captain who caught his lobster, discover the name of the boat and its fishing area. This is a unique way to bring consumers and their seafood harvesters closer together!

A sustainable fishery certified MSC since 2015

The professional lobster fishermen of Gaspé are proud to say that since 2015, their fishery, operating in Quebec along the shoreline of the St. Lawrence Gulf in Atlantic Canada, is certified sustainable and well managed under the international program Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) eco-certification.

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